Mall Aventura Plaza

Trujillo, Peru

Comercial Industrial Delta S.A.

A non-conventional coverage to cover the food court of the “Mall Aventura Plaza” shopping centre. The coverage highlights the concept of shopping mall and also adapt to their immediate environment. This should be awesome just like the mall. The coverage extends over a frame geometry oval where 10 columns raise reticulate height of 22m. Each one of them suspended eccentric cones that converge toward central ring geometry similar. This ring is stabilized through the membrane and cables tensors from the high points of the columns. Conform the perimeter edge of the coverage anchored a succession of warheads to high points and low. The high points are generated from arms cantilever born to reticulate columns and lows are determined by inclined tubular columns.


Loop Shionoe

Takamatsu City

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation

Loop Shionoe is a health-promoting warm bath facility built in a regional park in Takamatsu City. The energy used for heating and lighting is obtained from the residual heat of a garbage incinerating plant. This loop-shaped facility symbolizes “circulation”. The membrane roof over the oval-shaped heated swimming pool enables visitors to enjoy swimming all through the year, regardless of weather. Unique characteristics of the membrane structures are utilized effectively in creating a healthy and comfortable space of communication for everyone from small children to the elderly. The curved lines and surfaces provide an elegant appearance to the structure, and, during the night, illumination from inside makes it emerge beautifully in the natural landscape.