Queensland, Australia

Taiyo Membrane Corporation
This is a structure over a radar antenna used by the Bureau of Meterology. Since the radar station is used for research purposes, the structure was built to protect, whilst not interfering with the antenna signals. Being air-supported allows for minimal interference with the antenna. With such a large area of space, this structure stretches the capabilities. The Bureau was satisfied with the result of the project.


Miami Dolphins NFL Football Training Facility

Davie, FL

Air Structures American Technologies Inc

This is a structure with a total area of over 96,000 square feet. The structure will withstand a Category 4 hurrican and 14- m.p.h. wind load, and a cable-net system and concrete grade mean shield players and staff from the lightning storms that strike southern Florida. The entire interior of this huge dome is climate-controlled by forced-air inflation systems, staying cool, even when outside temperatures reach 100 degrees. The two layers of Dupont-coated fabric reduce the cost of the cooling the facility by half. This special, highly translucent “stay-clean” coating keeps the fabric envelope white, providing over 1,200 foot-candles of natural outdoor light in daytime and eliminating the need for expensive artificial lights. The creation of this air structure allows the Dolphins, for the first time ever, to conduct full-scale practices in a climate-controlled environment, uninterrupted by Mother Nature.


Toms River Multi-sports Dome

Toms River, NJ

Air Structures American Technologies Inc

The Toms River Multi-sports Dome is the Northeast Region’s largest open floor space arena spanning 395 feet long and 203 feet wide. The new field house boasts about two acres of indoor recreational space; plenty for a 6-lane, 200-meter track and 4 full-size basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. The flexibilities of the floor plan also allow the dome to be used as a single, large arena for special events. The sports complex, which has become such integral part of the community, has met with such tremendous success that plans have been set in motion to expand the facility into a wellness center that will function for the benefit of all espects of the Toms River community.