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Air Structures

Structures in this category include air-supported structures or air-inflated structures, such as those that utilize air beams. An air structure is defined as a structure that uses air-pressurized membrane beams, arches or other elements to enclose space (occupants of such a structure do no occupy the pressurized area used to support the structure) or a building where the shape of the structure is attained by air pressure and occupants of the structure and within the elevated pressure area.

Frame – Supported Structures

A frame-supported structure is defined as a structure wholly supported by its framework that is not otherwise defined as an air/tensile structure, free-standing structure. Applications are often for commercial use and size is typically over 8,000 square feet.

Other Structures

Structures in this category would include cable net, geodesic dome, grid shell, tensegrity and other miscellaneous fabric structures.

Tensile Structures, <600 square meters (6,458 square feet)

Tensile Structures, 600 – 2300 square meters (6,458 – 24,756 square feet)