Durable EMI shielding textile

A military command center in Afghanistan. The Shelter-Rite® RF™ shielding material can be used to fabricate a variety of products, including military tents. Photo: Seaman Corp. Designed for the electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding market, Shelter-Rite® RF™ products offer technologically advanced safety and security in situations that require a rugged and robust RF-shielded material. With a [...]

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Seaman Corporation and V Technical Textiles partner on innovation

Seaman Corporation and V Technical Textiles (VTT) have announced an innovative product partnership born from the focus of both companies to successfully drive groundbreaking new technology and applications. A new, highly durable RF-shielded solution will offer an advanced line of ruggedized coatings available for industrial and commercial needs. “In keeping with our mission of continued [...]

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